LOST IG Leela in HitchcockLOST IG
Hitchcock Area...
Please Help Us Find Her If You Can!

Leela is an adult girl, grey/black and white in color. She has been missing since August 2. Last seen near TX6 and Washington St.

If sighted, DO NOT CHASE or CALL HER as this may frighten her.
DO phone ASAP –
636 -288-7637

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Summer Is Here!

Getting IGs Into Water

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Protect Your IG From Poisonous Plants


From PeoplePets


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Dog Food/Treat Recalls

Recalls involving dog foods and treats are announced with disturbing frequency. Check-out the following links to learn more about the latest recalls, and help make sure your Italian Greyhounds and other dogs are safe...

The Dog Food Advisor

FDA - Food and Drug Administration

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